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Photo Report – Devon Island

(Photo NASA Haughton-Mars Project E. Walker)

These images accompany the personal journal of Elaine Walker who is is working on the HMP's Education and Public efforts this year. Read Elaine's July 28 journal entry.

Note: The HMP will provide media organizations with print quality photographs when available upon request. All images must include the photo credit: Photo NASA Haughton-Mars Project 2004.

Departing on the twin otter today are Cliff Leight (Mars Institute, Project Photographer/Carpenter), Gordon "Oz" Osinski (Geologist, Planetary Science Institute), Sekou Crawford (NASA Ames), Mark Stevenson (CNN), and Frankie Parker (HMP camp cook). Rhoda Akeeagok (high school student from Grise Fiord) is leaving as well, but will be back in two days.
Ron Sidgreaves is ready for another day of research for the Hamilton Sundstrand Concepts Spacesuit for Advanced Planetary Exploration.
Keith Davidson (Simon Fraser University/Assistant to the HMP Chief Field Engineer) is in his element inside of the Comms tent (Exploration and Systems tent).
A view of the inside of the backpack of the Hamilton Sundstrand Concept Spacesuit for Advanced Planetary Exploration, where the laptop computer is fitted.
David Rosenbush (Hamilton Sundstrand) prepares the laptop to be installed in the backpack of the Hamilton Sundstrand concept suit.
Radio and directional antenna at the NASA HMP base camp.
The NASA HMP's Purdue Purmacat rover seats two.
Vicky Glass (HMP paramedic) steps in to help with kitchen management.
JD Polk, MD (NASA JSC, Flight Surgeon, Lead for Heath Care Systems) surgically slices a honey glazed ham that he and Vicky Glass have prepared for dinner.
Another much appreciated creation of JD Polk, MD this evening. It looks like Martian regolith…
David Rosenbush (Hamilton Sundstrand) works on the laptop computer that is mounted inside the backpack of the concept spacesuit.
Ron Sidgreaves asks David Rosenbush (both of Hamilton Sundstrand) how the suit and wearable LDC monitor display feel. A GPS receiver is mounted on top of the backpack of the Hamilton Sundstrand Concept Spacesuit for Advanced Planetary Exploration.
David Rosenbush (Hamilton Sundstrand) looks into the wearable LCD monitor mounted on the inside of the helmet of the concept spacesuit.
David Rosenbush (Hamilton Sundstrand) is able to use the wrist mounted mouse pad with the relatively nimble gloves (when unpressurized) of the Hamilton Sundstrand concept spacesuit.
David Rosenbush wears the Mars Concepts suit at the NASA HMP base camp.